Arm & Bracket Assembly

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The Arm & Bracket Assembly (#19145-26060) is a pivotal component in the Distributor system of Toyota vehicles. Primarily, it plays a significant role in the operation of the engine-fuel part, effectively regulating the fuel distribution to the engine. This mechanism utilizes a network of associated components to ensure smooth fuel distribution, thus optimizing the overall efficiency of the vehicle. Utilizing genuine Toyota parts, such as the Arm & Bracket Assembly (#19145-26060), is vital for vehicle compatibility. These genuine parts come with Toyota’s genuine parts warranty, offering an added advantage. However, it is crucial to replace this component periodically. If it becomes old, clogged, or non-functional, the mechanism could disrupt the fuel supply to the engine, negatively affecting vehicle performance. In extreme cases, it could lead to engine failure. In conclusion, the Arm & Bracket Assembly (#19145-26060) significantly contributes to the effectiveness and safety of the vehicle, ensuring optimum fuel distribution and engine performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 19145-26060-72;19145-41010;19145-41020;19145-45060;04193-41020
Part Number 19145-26060

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