Arm Bracket

About this product

The Arm Bracket (#19145-37030), categorized under Engine-Fuel parts in the Distributor system, holds a vital role in ensuring your Toyota vehicle runs smoothly. Its primary function is to secure and stabilize other distributor components during operation, promoting optimal performance and longevity. Like other auto parts, the Arm Bracket (#19145-37030) can wear down over time. When it becomes old or damaged, the overall vehicle operation could become compromised due to the instability of parts within the distributor system. Consequently, periodic replacement of this part is crucial. Using genuine Toyota parts will maintain compatibility with your Toyota vehicle. Plus, Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs these parts. In conclusion, an adequately functioning Arm Bracket (#19145-37030) is integral to your vehicle's efficiency and safety, making it an essential component within the distributor system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 19145-37030

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