Floor Side Member Inner Rear Right Hand

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The Floor Side Member Inner Rear Right Hand (#57413-04010), a crucial body part in Toyota's Rear Floor Panel & Rear Floor Member system, serves a primary role in reinforcing the car's structure. This auto part, when functioning correctly, supports the weight of the vehicle and absorbs the energy during a collision to minimize the impact on passengers. Genuine Toyota parts can significantly enhance vehicle compatibility, with each part designed to fit your car perfectly. Moreover, these genuine parts are backed by Toyota's comprehensive parts warranty. When this part becomes old or even broken, the car's structural integrity could be compromised, potentially leading to dangerous situations in the event of a collision. Thus, periodic replacement is highly recommended. Overall, the Floor Side Member Inner Rear Right Hand (#57413-04010) contributes significantly to the safety of your vehicle by reinforcing its structure and absorbing impact force during accidents.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 57413-04010

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