TRD Performance Brake Pads

The Importance of Using Toyota Trd Performance Brake Pads Genuine Parts

Whether you're boulder bashing or stuck in traffic, you quickly realize that the left pedal is just as crucial as the right. The enhanced stopping power from TRD brake pads help decrease stopping distance while it increases your confidence.
  • Aramid- and ceramic-strengthened compound helps deliver an optimum combination of cold and hot friction with minimal brake noise
  • Reduces fade during repeated stops or extended downhill driving
  • Direct replacement for stock pads
  • For street and off-road use (not intended for open track sessions)
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) PTR09-89080;PTR09-89080;PTR09-89080;PTR09-89080;PTR09-89080;PTR09-89080;PTR09-89080;PTR09-89080;PTR09-89080;PTR09-89080;PTR09-89080;PTR09-89080;PTR09-89080;PTR09-89080;PTR09-89080;PTR09-89080;PTR09-89080 More
Part Number PTR09-89110

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